Mindfulness and Laughter here: Gaining Clarity While Giggling

During the day, there are plenty of humorous moments that we tend to ignore. We obtain so caught up in being earnest that we miss possibilities to gain clarity while giggling. Sure, occasionally it is considered inappropriate to laugh, but when we’re honest, we’ll see that if we’re suppressing a smile it is a sign that we’re fully present.

Not only that, however, these are instances when we could most use a little laughter to bring levity for an overly-serious situation. The best business meetings–and funerals–I’ve ever attended included lots of bust-a-gut moments.

Years ago, throughout a two-week silent meditation retreat, I acquired the giggles. Oh, I understand, you’re said to be *serious* about meditating for five hours straight, however, I couldn’t help it here.

Everything started after I was roused from my peaceful posture by a certain “KLUNK!” from across the room. I opened my eyes to determine that one of my retreat buddies had fallen asleep and banded together with his head from the wall.

Momentarily unnerved here, he quickly straightened up, closed his eyes and set on his best mediator’s face.

I, on the other hand, completely dropped it.

I managed to stifle the first few giggles; however, they started escaping in little bursts. I tried the old’ coughing technique, hoping to disguise my snorts as expectoration, but I wasn’t fooling anyone.

Pretty soon, I saw (well, I did have my eyes open) others looking my way. Nobody was laughing. In fact, nobody is smiling. Clearly, I was the only person who had allowed me to get distracted by that unexpected moment of hilarity.

I was chagrined, after which annoyed, and continued to watch my reaction to this incident shift over the next couple of minutes.

Been with them been funny? Obviously. Were we said to be concentrating fully on the moment? Absolutely. Anything else could be an attachment to past regrets or worries about the future.

Okay, therefore we were concentrating on watching our thoughts, and this little interruption wasn’t a part of that which was happening in our heads. But isn’t ignoring what’s happening around us the same kind of thing that gets us into trouble back in the Real life here?

We go about our way of life, obsessing silently, moving mindlessly, and getting things done. We fail to see the wonder and joy and sweetness everywhere because we’re entirely scowling mode concerning the things within our heads.