Powerful Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic – Digital marketing agencies Cambridge.

Internet marketing success requires two main skills more than any other – the ability to drive targeted traffic to your sites, blogs, squeeze pages and affiliate links and the knowledge of how to build huge opt-in lists fast.

These two skills are intertwined digital marketing agencies Cambridge, because list-building requires you to drive traffic to your squeeze pages and opt-in forms, and your list, in turn, is the fastest way to direct traffic to your links.

Digital marketing agencies Cambridge always best to deal with both subjects at once at you strategize your Internet marketing attack.

– Writing and submitting articles is one of the easiest free ways to start driving targeted prospects to your links – especially when that link leads to a squeeze page with a free PDF, audio or video with more information on the same topic. Stay within the guidelines of the article directory, provide great content and offer more information on the topic through the link in your Author’s Resource Box.

– The first of the interactive web 2.0 technologies to gain wide appeal was blogging – and it remains one of the most powerful methods to drive traffic and build lists. Be sure your opt-in form appears on the blog itself, and use the articles you have at the directories as the bulk of your blog content. Be sure to use the appropriate blog plugging to maximize your SEO benefits, and to hook you up to traffic sources like Twitter, MyBlogLog and Technorati.

– Digital marketing agencies Cambridge podcast is simply information presented in audio format, usually as an MP3. Since you already have those articles and your blog, now record an audio version of them and place them with the article on your blog using an audio plug-in. Be sure to mention your URL in each recording, and check to see if the plug-in you’re using is building a separate RSS feed for your podcasts – if it isn’t, create one manually and submit the RSS feed to iTunes, Podcast Ready, Podcast Alley, etc. These directories are accessed by millions of users, and they don’t index articles or blogs, so audio is the only way to get your message to their users.

– Like podcasts, videos are just one more media to present your information in. Whether you use live-action video or create screen-capture videos, you can repurpose the same info you have for your articles and podcasts by making them into videos and getting them out to YouTube, Viddler, etc…